Ein deutsches Requiem/ Johannes Brahms

I have plently of time recently,
so I visited one local choir here in Haugesund this week.

I am not quite sure that many of you know I really like to sing.
But last years, I have forgotten to have any activities to sing.
I didin`t have afford to do so in my daily life neither mentally nor physicaly.
Finally I have time and energy now.

Ein deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms
is the song which they are practicing now.
It is pretty difficult and long song.
And text is in German! I do not understand German.
However, I think it is nice to have some challenges in life.
And it is very nice for me to have some activities with local people.
And seeing new people through the art (music, design or so on) is really worthing.

Below link is imformation about this song.
You can even listen to the song here.


The same page in Japanese langage is below.

by motokologic | 2007-09-29 05:58 | Daily life
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